Support Center Deployed

As promised in our previous update, the new Pace Scheduler Support Center is now live! You should see the Support Center button in the top-right of your site. To see what the Support Center is all about, be sure to check out our previous update notes here.

Brand New Support Center!

We take great pride in our customer support, and are always trying new ways to improve it. Today, we have an update that should improve a huge portion of our support flow. Welcome the Pace Scheduler Support Center!

This update will be deployed sometime next week (05/17 - 05/23). We'll post another update once it has been deployed.

Why are we adding it?

Emails are ok, but they are pretty limited in their capabilities, and can be unreliable. They are still important to have if needed, but there has to be a better way to communicate with all of the departments we serve. Therefore, we are introducing the Support Center.

What is it?

It's a brand new offering of Pace Scheduler that allows you to submit, manage, and respond to support tickets in a much more effective and ordered way than emails alone.

Our email support isn't going anywhere, but with the new Support Center, you'll have a much more streamlined way to communicate with us, and vice-versa. You can submit new tickets, view your tickets' statuses, receive email notifications about any updates to your tickets, and keep all of your electronic communication with us in one place. You don't have to dig through tons of emails to find the message you're looking for anymore.

It's also where you'll find our brand new Knowledge Base! Support articles now have outlines that let you skip to exactly the topic in the article you need, no more scrolling to find the section relevant to your question. Each article has a rating system at the bottom as well, so you can let us know how effective our articles are.

How does it work?

The Support Center will automatically recognize you when accessed from your Pace Scheduler site. You'll be prompted to confirm your User Name the first time you log into it. The new Support Center button will be in the top-right of your site.

Image 2020-05-15 at 3.01.15 PM.png

Home Page

From the home page, you can access and search our Knowledge Base, create a new support ticket, manage and reply to your existing and past support tickets, and manage your Support Center profile and preferences.

Image 2020-05-16 at 8.41.21 AM.png

Manage Support Tickets

You can see tons of info about the tickets you sent us. Whether it's your turn to respond or ours, who your ticket is assigned to, what the status of your ticket is, and more.

Image 2020-05-15 at 3.30.45 PM.png

View and Reply to Tickets

View past messages and send us your replies right from the ticket! You can Cc others at your department, and their replies will appear on your ticket as well.

Image 2020-05-15 at 3.36.41 PM.png


  • Notifications

    • You'll receive email notifications when we reply to your ticket. You can reply to us from the Support Center, or reply to the email itself.
  • More Reliable Access

    • Let's face it, email can be finicky, and a number of things can prevent messages from being delivered properly. With access to your tickets in our online Support Center, you'll always be able to see and reply to your tickets, even if they never reached your email inbox for one reason or another.

We hope you enjoy these new tools!

Message Blast Shortcuts & Lockout Banners

Message Blast Shortcuts

Admins and Supervisors can now see a user's email address when right-clicking their name cell on the calendar. Previously this would only show the cell phone number. On top of that, if you click that user's cell number or email address, it will pre-fill a Message Blast form aimed specifically at that person.

Similarly, if you want to send a Message Blast to an entire group on the Calendar, left-click the Group's name in the center of the screen. This will pre-fill a Message Blast form aimed at everyone in that group.

View a brief demonstration of all three methods

Lockout Banner Display Behavior

Previously, if a Lockout was in effect, a yellow banner would appear at the top of every calendar for every lockout, regardless of which dates it affected. This would become rather cumbersome if you had multiple lockouts throughout the year. To correct this, we now only show a lockout banner on a calendar period if that lockout actually affects that period.

e.g. If you have a lockout set up for the July 2020 Day Shift schedule, that yellow banner will only appear if you open the July 2020 Day Shift Calendar, rather than appearing on EVERY calendar and EVERY period.

Image 2020-03-30 at 11.27.26 AM.png

UI Improvements

Assignments Tab Smart Labeling

The Assignments Tab now uses the label your department picked for Assignments, such as "Beats", "Sectors", etc., rather than the generic "Assignments" label. Keep in mind that your department may actually call them "Assignments", in which case there will be no change for your site.

Image 2020-03-30 at 10.53.22 AM.png

Reorganized Admin Sidebar

We reordered the categories in the Admin sidebar, so that they were a bit more logical. The items within each category are mostly the same, but you may notice a few tweaked labels and orderings. The three big ones we relabeled are…

  • "Common Shifts Times" are now called "Standard Shifts"
  • The "Part-Time Employee Report" is now called "Labor Distribution"
  • "Manage Inventory" is now called "Assign Assets"

Image 2020-03-30 at 11.03.42 AM.png

Reorganized User Dropdown

Nothing too drastic here, we just moved some items around on the user dropdown menu so it looks a bit more organized.

Image 2020-03-30 at 11.53.04 AM.png

We are improving our support methods.

In the coming weeks, you may receive more replies from us than expected when you first send your question to our support team.

This is because we are improving our knowledge base, and digital communication methods, and are testing the new system while the current system is still in place. There will be more updates for us to share in the coming month or two as we migrate over to it. We think you will like it much better than our current communication channels.

Renovation, Clarification, Minimization, and Organization

Revamped "My Schedule" Tab

The "My Schedule" tab has been pretty bare-bones up until now, and while it was a good place to go if you wanted to see your upcoming shifts without any clutter, it didn't offer much else. We didn't like that, so we've completely rewritten the "My Schedule" page. It now has three sections.

1) My Schedule
Displays your personal schedule in grid format, just like it appears on the Calendar Tab. You can interact with the cells just like on the grid itself, including request submission, editing, etc.

2) Available Extra Shifts
Displays any and all currently available Extra Shifts from the calendar, even ones outside of your normal shift group. These can be claimed and interacted with just like the Extra Shifts row is on the Calendar Tab. Admins and Supervisors with the appropriate permissions can create Extra Shifts here as well, just like on the Calendar.

3) My Shifts
Displays your upcoming shifts in chronological order, using a format that is nearly identical to the Daily Shifts tab.

We hope these renovations to the "My Schedule" tab make it easier and quicker for you to manage your personal schedule :)

Improved Clarity for the Calendar Customization Process

If you don't already know, a shift item's keyboard shortcut can be different than what gets shown in the calendar cell. This means you could have the keyboard shortcut be short (perhaps a single letter) but then the calendar cell itself could display something longer, like the start and end time of the shift for example.

This feature has been available for a while now, but many people didn't know about it because it was easy to confuse Keyboard Shortcuts with Abbreviations. This latest update addresses this issue.

These items are now listed together on the "Edit Look & Feel" page, and we relabeled some stuff to make each setting more clear. ON TOP of that, we added an entire customization preview panel to shift item profiles themselves, so now you can customize an item while you create it on your site, with a real-time preview, just like the "Edit Look & Feel" page already has.

Collapsible Admin Sidebar

As we've continuously added new features, the Admin Sidebar was getting pretty extensive, meaning you had to scroll up & down a lot to find the exact setting you were searching for.

Well you can give your scrolling finger a break now, because the Admin Sidebar Categories are now all collapsible!

These categories will actually default into a collapsed state, simply click a category to expand it. Once expanded, click the category header once more to return it to a collapsed state.

This should significantly reduce clutter on the Admin Tab, making it easier and faster to get where you're going.

Custom Ordering for Common Shift Times

Up until now, dropdown menus would list your "Common Shift Times" in chronological order, no exceptions. We've heard numerous requests that we should allow this order to be customized. Well, now it can be!

To customize the common shift time order, follow the same process you would to reorder other shift items on your site.

  • Admin Tab -> Shifts & Coverage -> Common Shift Times
  • Click the grey "Order Shift Times" button at the top of the page
  • Click & drag the shift times into your desired order
  • Click Save

Keep in mind that, like other custom orderings, this applies to every user on your site, not just you.

Blank Box on your screen? Internet Explorer is the culprit.

If you are seeing a large blank box appear on your Scheduler site, and you can't close it, you are likely using Internet Explorer as your web browser, which we recommend against.

We highly recommend that you use a modern web browser when accessing your Scheduler site. Internet Explorer is essentially obsolete at this point, and it does not support many of the modern features that websites (including ours) use today.

We recommend Google Chrome above all else, however Firefox, Opera, Safari, and basically any modern web browser will give you a much more consistent experience when using Scheduler, and the internet in general.

Modern web browsers are faster, more consistent, and more feature-rich, they are also typically more secure than Internet Explorer. Most, if not all, of them also provide strong legacy support for many older websites/programs now as well. So if you still have that one really old website that the department uses now and then that "only works in Internet Explorer", you should be A-OK to access it via Chrome, or Firefox especially, as they have pretty solid legacy support these days.

Retro Report

One of the most frustrating parts of running payroll is when there are still pending items to be handled, but payroll needs run, now. This forces you to run payroll, then go back and hunt down all of the "after-the-fact" schedule entries a couple days later, and account for them as best as possible. No longer!

With our new Retro Report, we've eliminated the need to hunt down those late entries by hand. You simply input the date range you wish to evaluate, the employees you wish to evaluate, and date and time that you generated your original payroll report.

The system will then generate a report that lists out all of the differences between the original report and this new one, making it easy to compensate your employees for those late entry items.

The new Retro Report is located in the "Reports" section of the Admin Tab.

Simplified Staffing Totals

Many department's have numerous overlapping shifts, a huge variety of shift times, or scattered shift times overall. This can cause minimum staffing complexity, such as decimals in your staffing counts, ambiguous calculations for all of those people that "sort of" qualify towards staffing counts, etc.

To ease the pain a bit, we've added a new setting for Minimum Staffing called "Simplified Staffing Totals".

These boil down all of the complicated shift overlaps and partial coverages to a simple yes or no question…"Am I sufficiently staffed?", and tells you the answer through a green check, or a red X.

You'll still have full access to the staffing breakout box (i.e. right-clicking the staffing cell), but now you can simply skim your schedule's staffing levels, rather than pulling out a calculator to figure out where a certain number is coming from.

This feature is available on your site right now!

Transaction Timing & Projected Balances Deployed

The new features that we notified everyone about roughly one week ago, have officially been deployed. These are the Transaction Timing & Projected Balance features.

If you missed our previous notification about these, including the instructions for how they work, see our previous post here.