Pace Scheduler updates
Pace Scheduler updates

Message Blast Shortcuts & Lockout Banners





Message Blast Shortcuts

Admins and Supervisors can now see a user's email address when right-clicking their name cell on the calendar. Previously this would only show the cell phone number. On top of that, if you click that user's cell number or email address, it will pre-fill a Message Blast form aimed specifically at that person.

Similarly, if you want to send a Message Blast to an entire group on the Calendar, left-click the Group's name in the center of the screen. This will pre-fill a Message Blast form aimed at everyone in that group.

View a brief demonstration of all three methods

Lockout Banner Display Behavior

Previously, if a Lockout was in effect, a yellow banner would appear at the top of every calendar for every lockout, regardless of which dates it affected. This would become rather cumbersome if you had multiple lockouts throughout the year. To correct this, we now only show a lockout banner on a calendar period if that lockout actually affects that period.

e.g. If you have a lockout set up for the July 2020 Day Shift schedule, that yellow banner will only appear if you open the July 2020 Day Shift Calendar, rather than appearing on EVERY calendar and EVERY period.

Image 2020-03-30 at 11.27.26 AM.png